Sailing Endorsement

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Sail or Auxiliary Sail Endorsement

The Captain School License Endorsement classes are USCG Approved. WE GIVE THE TEST. This is a four hour USCG Approved classroom based course that will cover the written examination requirement for a candidate holding a USCG Master license to obtain a Sailing or Auxiliary Sailing Endorsement. The USCG requires that a Master inland must have at least 180 days of sailing experience in their life for a sailing endorsement and a Master near coastal needs at least 360 days of sailing experience to qualify for this endorsement.

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Course requirements.

There are no requirements for this course.


Sailing Endorsement

Cape Coral, FL      Mar 1, 2018
Cape Coral, FL      May 24, 2018
Cape Coral, FL      Mar 29, 2018
Cape Coral, FL      Jun 28, 2018
Cape Coral, FL      Apr 29, 2018

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